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Teaching Assistants

A teaching assistant is a graduate or undergraduate student selected by a faculty member to assist in educational activities.

The main goals of the project are: to ensure the efficiency of the teaching process; to identify the most talented and capable students and postgraduate students at HSE University and involve them in teaching activities; to create and test innovative methods in HSE's educational process.

Teaching assistants are paid for their duties.

Teaching assistants may be involved in the following activities:

  • assisting lecturers during classes and advising students on the subject

  • checking the settings of courses available on online platforms

  • posting content to the educational platform for courses delivered online or in a blended format

  • assisting lecturers in class preparation and while teaching (materials, information sources, equipment for practical work, sociological surveys, methodological materials for students)

  • developing handouts and assignments for students' independent work

  • developing topics and assignments for ongoing assessment in courses

  • developing course websites within the electronic information environment, including posting materials for classes and preparing test questions

  • assisting lecturers in class preparation (development of case studies, business games, tests, trainings, computer experiments and other didactic forms)

  • assisting lecturers in their proctoring duties

  • checking the results of ongoing assessment in courses

Students interested in becoming teaching assistants can contact the lecturers directly.

Teaching assistant recruitment campaign

The recruitment campaign for teaching assistants is held twice during the calendar year.

Please note that from July 1, 2021, civil law contracts can only be concluded with vaccinated persons.

Statute for the implementation of the projects 'Teaching Assistant', 'Digital Faculty Assistant' and 'Teaching Consultant' at HSE University (DOCX, 55 Kb)
Rules for Teaching Assistant, Digital Assistant and Study Assistant Projects at the Graduate School of Business of HSE University

Procedure for concluding an employment contract:

  1. Collect the necessary documents for concluding an employment contract
  2. Draw up the contract and the assignment to the contract
  3. Have the employment contract and assignment to the contract signed by the teaching assistant and HSE University
  4. Prepare the work completion certificate on the basis of a work report
  5. Have the work completion certificate for the agreement and the report signed by the teaching assistant and HSE University


Starting work as a teaching assistant

To conclude the contract, the following documents must be emailed to Daria Vakulenko (dvakulenko@hse.ru) in PDF format:

  • a copy of the teaching assistant's passport (photo and registration page).
  • a scan of the teaching assistant's vaccination certificate. If they have any contraindications to vaccination, they must provide a scanned copy of a medical certificate of exemption issued by a state medical centre.

  • MIR banking card details (if you do not have a MIR bank card, please contact your bank to obtain one). The card must be issued as a personal MIR card in your name.

  • A copy of your SNILS (insurance number) and TIN (tax identification number, which can be found on the State Services/Gosuslugi site. Your last name and TIN are shown on the same page).

If you have already worked or are working as a teaching assistant, you need to inform the project coordinator.

If your documents have changed since your last agreement, please provide updated information. 


If your passport details have changed:

Send a PDF copy of your passport (photo page and registration) to Daria Vakulenko. Please mention in the email that your passport details have changed.

If your bank card details have changed:

Send Daria Vakulenko a scan of the completed Application for Funds Transfer (DOC, 33 Kb).

Please mention in the email that your details have changed.


If you are a foreigner

For applications for international students from countries outside of Russia, please ensure that the students will be in the Russian Federation during the contract period and that they have all the required documents (including medical insurance) on time.

Required documents for foreigners (including those from CIS countries) (DOCX, 16 Kb)


Finishing work as a teaching assistant

At the end of the work, the work completion certificate for the agreement and the report to the certificate must be signed.

Reports without a supervisor's signature will not be accepted.

Only manually signed paper documents will be accepted.


Forms and applications

Change of bank details:

Application for transfer of funds (DOC, 33 Kb)

For students who do not have a pension insurance certificate:

Application for Pension Insurance Certificate (DOC, 34 Kb)



Students or postgraduate students who are participating in projects are responsible for the timely submission of reporting documents and documents required for contracts and agreements, and for informing the coordinator about changes in personal information (passport or bank card details, etc) in a timely manner.

If the documents necessary for contracts, acts and agreements are not submitted on time, the student or postgraduate student may be denied the contract.

For more information, please see the page of the Centre for Learning Methodologies and Quality Assurance.