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Institute for Open Executive Education Programmes

The Institute for Open Executive Education Programmes is a department of the HSE University Graduate School of Business (GSB) dedicated to the field of continuing professional development.
The institute’s mission is to develop up-to-date continuing education programmes based on the theoretical and practical experience of the world's foremost business schools and market-leading companies.

People working in a wide range of industries join these programmes to learn about various aspects of business in the era of the digital economy, master managerial and functional competencies, and form their own systems of practical problem-solving and personal development.

The institute operates educational programmes in the following areas:


This field takes full advantage of the university's methodological base and the expert experience of partner companies. Students learn by doing and apply their knowledge to real practice cases. The programmes are based on market requirements, taking into account modern standards and best practices.


Training in this field combines fundamental study disciplines with workshops, seminars and project work to acquire practical professional skills. Students acquire competencies in economics and management that are much sought-after in the labour market.


Students master a modern marketing standard based on competence building through practice and project-based learning. Modular continuous learning and experiential learning patterns ensure that the training is effective. Interaction with students is based on the concept of ‘edutainment’.


This field involves a project-based approach to business organisation in all key sectors. Trainees study project management methodology and gain professional qualifications that enable them to improve their own effectiveness and that of their businesses.

The institute’s programmes are tailored to the needs of modern business and the digital economy. They are unique not only because of their content, but also because of the tried-and-tested methodology of adult education developed at the GSB. The basis of this methodology is an emphasis on student–teacher cooperation and the principle of ‘learning by doing’.

Special features:

1. Creating educational solutions for modern business

2. Implementing digital technologies in educational infrastructure

3. Consolidating internal and external expertise

Portfolio of Educational Programmes

    • 46

      educational programmes for professional retraining and continuing professional development

    • 15 000+

      graduates, more than 1,000 of whom are graduates of diploma programmes

    • Attendees receive HSE University certificates upon graduation


    • 250+

      More than 250 experts teach at the institute, including HSE University professors, business representatives, and top lecturers from other business schools in Russia




Svetlana Vladimirovna Gladkaya

Deputy Director of the Institute for Open Executive Education Programmes

Natalia Dzhesur

Secretary of the Institute for Open Executive Education Programmes