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Friends for Life

Friends for Life is a project aimed to bring the alumni of Faculty of Business and Management together

Friends for Life is a project aimed to bring the alumni of Faculty of  Business and Management together.

Whether you are running your own business, teaching or managing creative projects—join the Alumni community, it truly is a community of friends for life.

  • 24 


  • >10 000 


  • 25+ 

    countries the graduates work in

  • 30+ 

    graduates among members of the Academic Councils

Being part of HSE alumni community means:

  • Development of your professional and personal networking
  • Participation in professional, scientific and recreational activities
  • Industrial clubs
  • Involvement of the best students and alumni in your projects
  • Access to HSE resources

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What brings us together?

  • High level of professional expertise
  • Ability to find unique solutions
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Integrity and transparency in business
  • Willingness to share our experience

Our Alumni are business leaders

Our Alumni are partners of HSE


Evgeniya Tibilashvili
Manager of alumni relations department