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International Office

HSE Graduate School of Business (GSB) develops in the spirit of internationalisation of all its activities, in education and research. Our faculty members bring into the class their business and international expertise to prepare our students for global careers in Russian and multinational companies, while a network of partnerships with leading global business schools and business education associations serves as a basis for the unique ecosystem of GSB and community of faculty members, industry experts, students and corporate partners.

Our students have a chance to participate in exchange programmes and in double degree programmes with 50+ partner universities and business schools. International exchange students can choose from 230+ English-taught courses. Four educational programmes in our portfolio are delivered fully in English.

Our campus is bilingual, and we offer all services in English and Russian.  

International Office brochure 

Checklist to prepare for mobility 

Presentation, "Academic mobility program", GSB, Fall 2024-2025 



HSE University Students to Help Russian Brands Enter Chinese Market

Foreign students from HSE University recently took part in the project of the School of Entrepreneurship for international students ‘Start your business with Moscow!’. Wang Yue, 31, first-year student of the HSE GSB Master's programme in International Management from China, became one of the most active participants in the project. She shared her impressions of participating in the training with the HSE News Service.

Spring semester 2023-2024 academic mobility application statistics

The GSB International Office has prepared statistics on applications submitted for international mobility programmes in the Fall semester of 2023-2024 academic year.

‘Anybody Who Does Not Believe in the Importance of Sustainable Development Should Visit India’

In January 2024, HSE students from Moscow, St Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod took part in the Winter School ‘Business and Governance in India’, hosted in Dehradun by the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES). Having now completed the course, its attendees—participants of the Master’s in Sustainable Business Management at HSE Graduate School of Business—shared their impressions with the HSE News Service.

"The past months have become the brightest in my life and taught me to be even more courageous, not to be afraid of any difficulties, to meet new people first, to think more broadly and accept other people's opinions and views", - shared Daria Smetanina, telling about her experience of living and studying in Hungary within the mobility programme

Darya Smetanina, a 3rd year student of the Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics programme at the HSE Graduate School of Business, visited the University of Pécs, Hungary. Read the review of the four and a half months of the mobility programme.

"Long-lived Companies: In Search of Japan's secrets" Winter School in Japan opened for GSB students

The "Long-lived Companies: In Search of Japan's secrets" Winter School organised by the HSE Graduate School of Business and the Japanese NUCB Business School, Nagoya, took place in Japan on 14-22, January. 11 GSB students and project leader Sergey Shaposhnikov, Associate Professor of the GSB Department of Strategic and International Management, visited Japan.

"This is the most real immersion into French life!" Ekaterina Dmitrieva shared her impressions of studying at one of the best business schools in France. What documents you need to collect, how to look for accommodation, why you can't be late for lectures - read in the review.

Ekaterina Dmitrieva, a 2nd year student of the Business Informatics Master's programme at the HSE Graduate School of Business, visited EmLyon Business School in Lyon, France, in the autumn semester of 2023 as part of the academic mobility programme. It was at this university that Ekaterina found the most suitable disciplines for herself, and also took advantage of the opportunity for international students to start learning French.

"Having cultural experience and knowledge of the Chinese language opens up significant perspectives in professional development". Ivan Karmanov spoke about how he started learning Chinese and why getting to know the culture of the country is a crucial step on the way to successful communication both in business and in life

Ivan Karmanov, a 4th year student of the Business Management programme at the HSE Graduate School of Business with a specialisation in Financial Management, spent the first semester of his 4th year at the City University of Hong Kong. Ivan took several courses in English for his specialisation and also joined a group of foreigners studying Chinese. Read about why the politeness and shyness of Hong Kong residents can be a problem for a foreigner and also Ivan's general impressions of the university in the review.

"I can definitely say that the results of participation in the mobility programme are maturing and personal growth". Arina Petrushina told about her experience of living and studying in Hungary, and also shared her criteria for choosing a university when applying for the mobility programme.

Arina Petrushina, a 2nd year student of the GSB Marketing and Market Analytics programme, visited the University of Pécs, Hungary. Read  in the review why the student applied to a university other than a "top" university and what advantages such a choice offers.

Happy New Year 2024!

The International Office congratulates students and staff of the Graduate School of Business of the Higher School of Economics on the upcoming New Year 2024!
We wish you fulfillment of wishes, health, success and all the best in 2024!

Yesterday's students are today's businessmen: how brothers from Angola became successful businessmen in the field of E-commerce

Loani and Noani Mateush's journey from graduate students to successful businessmen in the field of e-commerce is indeed impressive and inspiring. Their story highlights the significance of leveraging education, passion, and motivation to create a thriving business venture. It's evident that their determination and application of entrepreneurial principles have contributed to the success of their e-commerce platform N'teka.

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