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During Mobility

While you are in Moscow and taking part in the exchange term, you might want to know some essential information:


Orientation Session

The orientation session usually takes place at the beginning of a semester. In order to adjust to student life, it is essential that you participate in the session as it will provide you with information on studying at HSE University and living in Moscow, as well as other useful tips to help you better enjoy your experience in Russia.

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Getting Registration and Visa Extension

Every international student who enters the territory of the Russian Federation for more than 7 days must be officially registered.

NB! You must apply for registration within 3 days after your arrival to Russia.

To get registered, please prepare in advance:

  • copies of ALL PASSPORT PAGES (or ID CARD for CIS citizens) including all blank ones, with two pages on one A4 sheet printed on both sides;
  • a copy of your migration card.

How can you get your registration?

  • if you are staying at a HSE University dormitory, submit your documents to the dormitory passport specialist;
  • if you are renting an apartment, contact the apartment owner and ask him/her to arrange for your registration at the address of the rented apartment within 7 working days after your arrival. Visit this page for more details: https://visa.hse.ru/en/admreg

Citizens of CIS countries: if you have an ID card/document, which can be used to enter the Russian Federation, please present it instead of your passport when travelling to Russia. In such cases, you will need to provide only a copy of your ID card (both sides) to get registered without submitting copies of all passport pages.

After you are registered, you will receive a migration slip. Always keep the original registration slip with you.

When you get your registration, you should apply for your student visa’s extension. Your new multiple-entry visa:

  • replaces your single-entry visa;
  • allows you to re-enter the country multiple times;
  • is only issued for the duration of your studies at HSE University;
  • cannot be valid for longer than 1 year;
  • must be submitted 60 days prior to the expiration of your single-entry visa.

A multiple-entry visa becomes valid straight after the day your single-entry visa expires. If you need to leave Russia before your single-entry visa expires, you can only return to Russia after obtaining a new invitation and applying for a new single-entry visa in your country of permanent residence.

A multiple-entry visa may be applied for through HSE University’s Visa and Registration Centre in Moscow: https://visa.hse.ru/en/

When your multiple-entry visa is issued, you will be invited by e-mail to visit the HSE University Visa and Registration Centre. Remember to bring your passport.

Important: If a student submits documents for a multiple-entry visa later than 45 days until the expiry of his/her current visa, the Visa and Registration Centre will not accept them.

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Student Documents

You will need these documents while studying abroad in Moscow:

  • Health Certificate. Every exchange student registered for dormitory accommodation must provide a health certificate to the dormitory administration upon his/her arrival. Please have this certificate signed by your physician in your home country before your arrival. Make sure your health certificate is signed (http://istudents.hse.ru/mirror/pubs/share/314809592). The dormitory does not accept any other templates;
  • Student ID. You will be given your ID by your exchange coordinator upon arrival;
  • Pass card. The HSE University pass card allows entry into all HSE University buildings. Exchange students living in a dormitory will receive a pass card on their first day from the dormitory staff. Exchange students who do not live in a dormitory will receive a pass card from the faculty coordinator. Have your student ID and passport with you all the time. If you lose your pass, please inform us immediately. A document proving your identity must be shown to receive a pass;
  • Social (transport) card. A social card can be used as a transport card to take public transport in Moscow (metro, buses, trams or trolleybuses) at a discounted price. It must be activated and then replenished every month, separately for the metro (at the metro cashier’s) and public ground transport (by using grey ticket kiosks);
  • Library card. You can pick up your library card and sign the service agreement at the HSE University Library on 11 Pokrovsky Boulevard within the designated visiting hours. You will need to show your passport to library staff upon entry;
  • Enrollment documents (certificates, order/referral copies). You may apply for enrollment certificates, copies of enrollment orders, study agreements, arrival forms and other documents through submitting an online document request;
  • Passport and other document translations. Translations of official documents may be required by local banks and Moscow Multifunctional Centres while applying for social cards. Contact our Expert Translation Centre to find out more: http://translate.hse.ru/en/.

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Course Registration (“Shopping Period”)

Several weeks before the start of each semester, all international exchange students shall be informed about the start of course enrollment period. Enrollment for courses at HSE University is carried out through the Learning Management System (LMS): https://lms.hse.ru/.

Students use it to:

  • study training materials;
  • perform different types of academic activities (upload assignments, term papers, pass tests, etc.);
  • communicate with teachers, study offices and other students;
  • check their grades in the electronic grade book.

Professors use it to:

  • share training materials;
  • assess students’ knowledge with tests;
  • maintain students’ performance logs;
  • collect and store individual student or group assignments (essays, term papers, projects, etc.);
  • communicate with students and provide them with advice.

Study managers use it to:

  • check students’ registration for courses and their performance logs;
  • communicate with students and provide them with consultation;
  • publish announcements and add events.

You are welcome to look through the LMS instructions for more information at: https://www.hse.ru/en/studyspravka/lms_student

Official registration for courses starts two weeks before the HSE University course selection period. Also known as the “shopping period”, it allows every international exchange student to attend courses and decide whether they want to officially enroll for them. Shopping period lasts for three weeks after the start of each semester.

You can enroll for courses or even drop them via LMS at any point during the shopping period. Your study agreement will only be signed after the end of the shopping period!

Do you have questions regarding the Learning Management System, HSE University e-mail password recovery or your individual curriculum (course drop/course enrolment)? You are welcome to contact your study manager.

Course catalogues:

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Russian as a Foreign Language

International students can attend classes in Russian as a Foreign Language during their studies at HSE University. Before classes begin, all international students are required to take an entrance test. Students shall be enrolled in courses based on their test results. The course is offered to students with different levels of Russian: Elementary (A1 – A2), Pre-intermediate (B1), Intermediate (B2), Upper-intermediate (C1), and Advanced (C2).

For advanced speakers of Russian, we also offer several special courses: Russian Literature, Russian Culture, Business Russian, Russian in the Media, Area Studies and Professional Writing in Russian

The full course, which lasts one semester (two modules), is an intensive course with nine contact hours per week. Other options are also available. Please check the Russian as a Foreign Language Center’s website at: http://www.hse.ru/en/rfl/.

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Studies at the Faculty

Academic calendar

Credits and Grading System

A HSE University’s student academic load is based on 'academic hours'.

1 academic hour = 40 minutes
1 ECTS credit = 38 academic hours = 24 astronomical hours
1 astronomical hour = 60 minutes

The total load is made up of contact hours and independent student work.

The usual required load for an academic year comes to 60 credits, with 30 credits in each term.

There are two forms of knowledge assessment: tests and exams. Assessment results are evaluated on a 10-point or 5-point scale and are qualitative in practice.

Grading System

ECTS Grades/




10-point scale

5-point scale






Very good




Very good
































Students are expected to attend lectures and seminars, take tests and complete tasks assigned by their instructors. The grade of a course is comprised of:

  • the form of assessment and requirements (as determined by the instructor in each course description; the instructor shall determine the grade structure and total points);
  • attendance;
  • work in seminars;
  • interim tests;
  • final exam.

Duration of a course unit:

1 full academic year = 2 semesters = 4 modules

1 semester = 2 modules


Knowledge Assessment

Student knowledge assessments at HSE University are comprised of a routine assessment, intermediate assessment and a final assessment.

The routine assessment is carried out during the course, and this is designed to organize students' independent work, while also ensuring systematic monitoring of their academic knowledge.

The intermediate assessment is aimed at evaluating students’ acquired knowledge while studying a part of an academic subject. This assessment is held upon the module’s completion, during an examination session. Certain academic subjects may not require an intermediate knowledge assessment.

The final assessment is held upon completion of a course, primarily in writing, as a pass-fail test or exam.

Students receive their cumulative grade based on the results of routine assessment. The cumulative grade is calculated prior to the final assessment and comprises grades for all types of routine assessment during the course, e.g., class participation (0.1 points) + homework assignments (0.1 points) = 0.2.

Students receive grades for exams after passing their final assessments. A cumulative grade and an exam grade form a student’s final grade. The final grade is the weighted sum of the cumulative grade, midterm grade and the grade received for the exam. The grade composition for each discipline is defined in the course syllabus, e.g.,:

The final grade is determined as follows:

  • homework assignments (10%);
  • class participation (10%);
  • midterm (20%);
  • final exam (60%).

The final grade is the grade for the course that is included in the transcript of records/diploma. In extraordinary circumstances, a student can be exempted from an exam and granted a resulting grade equal to that of a cumulative grade.

Please keep in mind that HSE University's academic rules are the same for all students (Russian, foreign, exchange and non-exchange learners). To succeed in a particular course, we advise international students to attend all lectures and seminars, complete their home assignments and meet the deadlines for all essays, reports, etc.



A student who fails an exam may have two extra attempts to re-take it, meaning an extra examination on a particular course can be scheduled no more than twice. If a student fails both re-examinations, he or she cannot be given a grade for the course. Such course cannot be included in the student’s transcript of records.

Exam Schedule

Official exam schedules are drawn up one week before the start of exams. The schedules are then published on the faculty webpages and posted on faculty bulletin boards.

Absence from an Exam

A student must come to the exam at the time indicated in the schedule. If a student is late, the examination time will not be extended. Failure to attend the exam shall be marked with the word 'absent' on the record sheet.

If confirmed by a standard medical certificate, illness can be considered a reasonable excuse for a student’s absence from an examination. Medical certificates should be submitted to the Faculty’s Study Office or the International Students Office on the first day of recovery as indicated on the certificate.

A student who fails to attend an exam without a reasonable excuse will be considered as having failed the final assessment (exam).

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Campus Life

Student Initiatives (https://studsupport.hse.ru/en/)

Sports at HSE University (https://istudents.hse.ru/en/sports)

HSE University Traditions (https://www.hse.ru/en/info/traditions)

Life in Moscow (https://www.hse.ru/recommends)

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Online Document Request

If you need any document, please let us know by email. The issuance of documents may take up to five working days. We kindly ask that you fill in your personal information so as to accelerate the processing of your request. You can pick up a hard copy at the Faculty after you receive an e-mail notification.

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Student E-mail

All international students are provided with a HSE University e-mail account. During your stay at HSE University, all e-mails and notifications from the Faculty, professors and study managers will be sent there.

You can access your e-mail box with your initial login and password using the webpage (http://edumail.hse.ru/). Your login: first letter of your Name + your Surname + @edu.hse.ru. Initial password: Edu + number of your student ID card.

You should use this e-mail as your main contact for communicating with HSE University staff and professors. Please check it daily to avoid missing any information.

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Traveling within Russia

You might want to travel within Russia while you have a break or a few free days. In such cases, please inform the faculty coordinator about your plans to travel and do not forget: you should get registration at the place where you are going to stay. Do not forget to apply for a new registration as soon as you are back to your dormitory or place of stay. For more information, please read this page: https://visa.hse.ru/en/trip

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