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Finishing Mobility

What Should I Do to Conclude My Mobility?

Pass your exams. The courses you have taken at HSE University will be validated by your home university after you receive your Transcript of Records from us.

Complete your Exit Form. On the eve of your departure, you must submit an HSE Exit Form. While completing this document, you will have to:

  • pay for the last month of your stay in a dorm (if applicable);
  • take part in the annual HSE Student Survey (a link should be sent to your HSE e-mail);
  • hand in your pass card to us or at the dormitory you live in.

Please note that we cannot issue your Transcript of Records before you have your Exit Form completely filled in and signed.

If you leave Moscow before the semester ends, you must inform us at your earliest convenience!

Leave Feedback

If you want to share your experience with prospective exchange students, you are welcome to express yourself using following tools:

  • fill in our online questionnaire (do not forget to upload your best and most beloved photos!)
  • make a short video, sharing your main tips on your exchange experience and send it to us;
  • do not forget to join the GSB group on Facebook.

Transcript of Records

An official Transcript of Records, detailing examinations and results achieved, is issued to exchange upon finishing their academic stay.

The issuing process is as follows:

  1. a draft of the Transcript is issued within 5 weeks after the official end of a semester;
  2. the draft will be sent to your email;
  3. check the draft within five working days from the date when you receive it and confirm the correctness of the information;
  4. upon confirmation, we will send a signed and sealed digital copy of the Transcript to you and your home university’s coordinator.

Sharing Your Experience

Our primary goal is to ensure that you enjoy your time abroad. As such, we are always happy to hear about your exchange experience, along with your opinions, so we can continue to improve services offered to international students. You can share your views and expectations with us by completing a feedback form.


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