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Before the Mobility

Registration at Partner University

1. Completing Application

After Partner Universities have received nominations from the Graduate School of Business, they shall, within a few days/weeks, communicate instructions on the online application process to nominated students.

  • Check your e-mail and spam folder regularly.
  • Follow the university application deadline strictly.
  • Leave enough time to complete your application without putting this off until the last day before the deadline.


2. Course Registration

At certain universities, course registration is held online and starts early.

  • Carefully read the information provided by institutional coordinator about course selection.
  • Register as soon as the course registration opens, as available spots for popular courses may run out quickly.


3. Receiving Your Letter of Acceptance

Upon completion of registration, the Partner University will send an Acceptance Letter, either by e-mail or regular post.

  • The Acceptance Letter is necessary for obtaining a student visa.

To do at HSE University

1. Approve Individual Study Plan

Within 10 working days after being nominated submit a draft version of individual study plan to the head of the educational programme. Submit signed and approved individual study plan to the International Office.


2. Sign the Documents

Before your departure on the mobility programme, the following documents must be signed:

The Consent Form, Statement to the Rector and Letter of Acceptance must be provided to the study office of your programme.


2. Attend an Orientation Session

Students nominated for an exchange must attend an orientation session. The dates will be announced when nomination is confirmed.

Preparations for Departure

1. Visa

Details on your visa (visa type and residence permit) will be coordinated by the Partner University.

  • Please check the documents requirements necessary for your type of visa on the consulate/embassy website.
  • Make sure that the expiry date of your passport meets the requirements for your type of visa.
  • Arrange your appointment at the consulate/embassy beforehand – at certain consulates/embassies, it is necessary to register for your appointment several weeks/ months in advance.


2. Accommodation

Many Partner Universities offer students rooms in dormitories and may assist with accommodation.

  • Students are responsible for searching for their accommodation in the host country.
  • Book your room in a dormitory or private apartment in advance - demand for accommodation usually increases rapidly before the start of the semester.


3. Flight Tickets

  • Buying refundable airline tickets is recommended.
  • Plan your itinerary from the airport to your campus/dormitory/rented apartment. If possible, purchase train/bus/other transport tickets in advance to get to the point of arrival.


4. Insurance

All students travelling abroad on mobility programmes must have insurance, which covers the whole period of stay in the host country.

  • Carefully read about the requirements for insurance at the Partner University.
  • Insurance must include expenses for repatriation.


5. Packing

Pack your belongings with due consideration of the duration of your exchange.

  • Consider the climate of your host country.
  • Find out which medications require a prescription in your host country and consider which ones you should bring with you.
  • Find out the type of plugs and sockets used in your host country; buy an adaptor, if necessary.
  • Take a few small things that will remind you of your family and friends (e.g., photos, postcards, favorite mug, etc.)
  • Ask the host university coordinator what documents you need to bring with you.
  • Save all important contacts: embassy or consulate of Russia in your host country, host university coordinator details, FBM coordinator details, etc.


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