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28/11 Shabolovka ul.,
Building 4, Room 1203
Moscow, Russia

Tel/fax: +7(495) 772-9590 * 26311, 26034

E-mail: bischool@hse.ru

Head of the Department Evgeny Zaramenskikh
Deputy Head for Research Sergey Bruskin

About the Department

Business informatics is a modern field of professional activity, research and education concerned with managing business performance through information and digital technologies while creating value for consumers. It is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge based on the integration of various fields: information technology, mathematics, economics, management, programming, etc. 

The development of disciplines and educational programmes is driven by regular interaction with the business community through joint programmes, company base departments and new concepts of academic programme boards headed by business leaders. 

The department collaborates with companies such as 1C, Technologies of Trust (ex PWC), B1 (ex Ernst & Young), Navicon, Arenadata, and the Polymedia Group (Visiology trademark). 

The Department of Business Informatics publishes the scientific journal Business Informatics, which is included in the bibliographic and abstract database Scopus, the Web of Science Emerging Sources Citation Index (WoS ESCI) and the Russian Science Citation Index on the Web of Science platform (RSCI). The journal is included in the VAK list (List of the High Attestation Commission of Russia).

Statistically, just over half of the department's graduates are employed in IT/internet/telecom companies. Others find employment in finance, trade, consulting, etc. Graduates are well suited for careers in:

  • Enterprise data, information and content management

  • Designing, implementing, operating and maintaining IS, as well as ensuring integration with existing IS and software

  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of IT solutions used in business, government and municipal administration

  • Business process management

  • Business analysis for organisations

  • Managing the digital transformation of organisations

  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship

  • Research and teaching academic disciplines, etc


The following Russian professional standards are now associated with the field of business informatics: 

  • 06.014 Information Technology Manager

  • 06.012 IT Product Manager

  • 06.016 Information Technology Project Manager

  • 06.022 System Analyst

  • 06.013 Information Resources Specialist

  • 06.015 Information Systems Specialist

  • 08.001 Payment Systems Specialist

  • 08.037 Business Analyst