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"The complexity of sustainable development" poster-presentation contest on December 3 2021

Participate in the poster-presentation contest which will take place at the Graduate School of Business on December 3, 2021, get a chance to see your poster displayed in the co-working space of Shabolovka campus, get a certificate of participation or WINNER!!! Win a chance to go to University of Antwerp for the I-WEEK from 07/03/2022 till 11/03/2022.

Theme: Sustainability is on the agenda of almost every business today. Companies develop programmes that benefit the planet and people and have a strong public response. However, sometimes you get the impression that the list of these initiatives is very narrow, seemingly, all corporations use recycled materials, reduce energy consumption and donate money to orphanages. If you get that impression, do some research and ask yourself why VEON (Beeline) supports the Liza Alert project and IKEA invests in electric cars? The challenge of the contest is to draw attention through the poster presentation to the diversity of philanthropic, socially conscious and environmental initiatives and how these are often integrated with the company's core business, creating special synergy and a truly worthwhile outcome.

Challenge: Create a poster presentation on one company's sustainability programme of your choice. The ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) programme should be related to the company's area of expertise, reflect its values, strategic direction and have unique aspects which are indicative of the MULTIPLE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT.

Format: Colour poster in electronic and print A0 size - 841 × 1189

Language: English


  • Font size.
  • Poster title - 72-82
  • Poster subheading - 52-54
  • Text titles - 36+
  • Texts - 24+


  •  At least 3 texts
  • Infographics (charts, graphs, tables)
  • Images (photos, logos, pictures)

Special formatting requirements:

Instructions for the presentation may be found here Criteria of Assessment of Posters 


Conditions for participation:

1. Register by 20 November by clicking here.

2. Register by November 10 for the webinar on poster presentations and Q&A "All about I-WEEK" via the link.

3. Create a poster on "Many faces of sustainability".

4. Send a poster to the International Office electronically / print the poster and bring it to the GSB International Office in person by November 28.

5. Take part in defending the poster in front of the jury on 03.12.2021 (online).


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