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INTERNATIONAL WEEK: CHALLENGES FOR BUSINESS at one of Europe's most prestigious universities!

"International Week: Challenges for Business", or Sustainability Week, will focus on environmental issues, sustainability challenges, green economy and the best global practices in this field, where participants will defend projects according to themes.

What: I-Week, or Sustainability Week

Where: University of Antwerp offline, online or mixed.

When: March 7th to 11th, 2022 (participants will be released from classes at the GSB for the entire I-WEEK period)

For whom: 2nd and 3rd year students of the GSB Bachelor's and 1st year Master's students

English: B2 level or higher

Participation fee: free of charge for GSB students, sponsored by the University of Antwerp, with an additional  scholarship for travel and accommodation.

Outcome: Certificate of participation in I-WEEK from the University of Antwerp and 3 credits.



Preparation period: Three introductory sessions on 16 February, 23 February, 2 March from 16:00 - 18:30 (Moscow)

I-WEEK: Number of days: 5, from 7.03 till 11.03

Number of sessions per day: 9:00 - 17:00, attendance is mandatory

Reporting period: Group presentation and written group project: defense 18 March 15:00 (MSC)

Individual test: 16 March 16:30 - 18:30 (MSC)

Class format: lectures, workshops and panel discussions, where representatives of NGOs, foundations, and professors will speak on sustainable development, CSR, and the impact of business on the environment. On Friday, 11.03. there will be a meeting with directors of leading companies for whom sustainability is a priority.

Practical sessions: participants will be divided into 5-6 people in mixed international teams, where they will prepare a written research project and a presentation. There will also be short consultation meetings to help students.

Intercultural exchange: on Thursday 09.03, students will have the chance to get to know all I-WEEK participants online, share their impressions and make new contacts for the future.

Assessment format: Group written project and presentation - 60%. Individual test with open and closed questions - 40%.


Our students' experience: Last year, 10 GSB undergraduate students interested in sustainability participated in I-Week at the University of Antwerp. Read their feedback and get inspired by the experience they had by taking part in this exceptional event.

More information may be found here:


Handout for international students 


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