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Feedback on intership



"This company was very responsive to interns, helpful and prompt, always happy to answer questions. The internship itself was interesting, covering the theory that had been studied over 3 years.

In practice I was able to apply teamwork and time management skills, strategic management, financial management and operational planning skills.

The internship gave me experience of communication with colleagues, improved my experience of working in a team, helped me to understand financial aspects not only in theory but also in practice".

Valeria Katkova, 3rd year "Business Administration"

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"Impressions from the internship: I really liked the team, the organization of the process itself, it was always clear who to turn to. 

In practice I used and sharpened my skills in compiling surveys for research, in analyzing competitors, and my ability to use Yandex metrics tools came in handy.

As an advantage, I also managed to apply many theoretical skills in practice. In addition, I would like to mention the excellent communication in the team.

Sivozhelezova Kristina, 3rd year "Marketing and market Analytics"


"Among the advantages of the internship I can mention: flexible format of work, remote type of the internship, deep immersion in the sphere of risk management of financial organizations, development of the level of work with Excel, obtaining practical skills of working with the requirements of the Central Bank of Russia. During the internship I also managed to apply skills of managing a team of 18 people, deepen my knowledge of data analysis, as well as use knowledge of project management and consulting".

Pshenko German, 3rd year "Business Administration" 


"PUIG is a Spanish perfume company representing major brands such as Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne and many others. We liked very much the adaptation process, we were introduced to representatives of all departments of the company, including a trip "in the field" (Brand's corners in retailers - TSUM, GA, Rive Gauche, etc.).

In addition, I would like to note comfortable working conditions: a good office, a great team, interesting products and tasks, flexible schedule.
In practice, I applied marketing tools: market analysis, marketing mix, various tools for forming the positioning of the Brand, knowledge of launching promotional campaigns, etc. I have been able to use the tools of marketing.

The practice gave me valuable experience, knowledge about a very interesting fashion and perfumery industry, as well as inspiration for further development".

Tokareva Zoya, 3rd year "Business Administration"


"What I liked most about the internship process was the participation in solving real tasks that the company faces. Moreover, during the internship I was able to apply the knowledge gained in the course of supply logistics. The internship gave me the experience of working in my specialisation in a large company and understanding of the directions I want to develop in".

Anna Frolova, 3rd year "Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics"

Sustainability Consulting Group

"The internship supervisor immediately outlined a number of tasks and gave me enough time to complete them, always helped and "did not push". The tasks themselves were within the framework of the passed program at the university, quite interesting and feasible. The company and its employees left only positive emotions and pleasant impressions, so I certainly recommend the place of practice for other students. Moreover, all employees are under 35 years old, which allows you to quickly find a common language when doing the work, and solve problems and difficulties that arise. The practice was very interesting and I gained a lot of useful knowledge".

Tarasova Daria, 3rd year "Business Administration"

Professional services aggregator

"So, in general I can say that the impression from the practice was good, I liked it. The tasks were interesting, but they were not written down or formalized in any way, they could be slightly modified in the process of implementation. The main problem was that with a fairly high workload in practice it was difficult to think about the upcoming session, which in many ways prevented better preparation for the exams. I would recommend the practicum to other students if they want to really do something and not just get a signature."

Margarita Gorodinskaya, 3rd year "Business Administration"