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Features of CV in different countries

  • France, Germany

    • In France, a resume is also called a "CV." In Germany, it is called "Lebenslauf";
    • In France, increased attention is paid to spelling errors;
    • A professional business photo is mandatory;
    • Date of birth and marital status information is highly desirable;
    • A brief description of strengths and career goals at the beginning of the resume is required;
    • A brief description of volunteer experience is welcome.
  • The USA

    • American spelling of English words;
    • Photo is undesirable;
    • Date of birth is not included;
    • LinkedIn links can be added if your profile is filled with relevant information;
    • In work experience, it is important to list accomplishments and numerical information rather than tasks;
    • Volunteering experience is highly desirable, if it looks like a full-fledged project, you can move it to work experience;
    • References are not included in the resume, but are available when requested by the company.
  • China

    • Personal information such as date of birth, marital status, number of children and their ages is welcome;
    • A photo in the CV is highly desirable;
    • It is better to write a CV in relatively simple academic language, without the use of complex turns and rarely used words, as it can be seen as arrogance;
    • An important role is given to education - not only higher education, but also additional courses, it is also desirable to note educational achievements and awards;
    • Language proficiency is also one of the key sections, it is desirable to include supporting certificates.