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Marketing Communications Unit

The Marketing Communications Unit was established to carry out all types of marketing communications on behalf of the Graduate School of Business. We help staff, students and partners of the GSB to publicise their news and events and create media materials.


Purpose of the unit's activities:

To facilitate communication between the HSE Graduate School of Business and key stakeholders and to promote its brand and programmes.


The unit’s activities include:

  • Creating and developing a GSB communication ecosystem for all key stakeholders
  • Providing website media content and working with social networks
  • Forming a bilingual communication environment at the GSB
  • Ensuring a unified brand vision for the media materials of GSB departments
  • Working with media requests
  • Developing the brand of the GSB and elaborating and unifying its corporate identity
  • Developing GSB marketing and communication materials and all types of promotional content
  • Assisting with the preparation and hosting of events
  • Disseminating email newsletters (news, digests, event announcements)


Ivan Prostakov

First Deputy Director

Шаромов Андрей Валентинович

PR Director

Marina Dobrynina

Digital Manager

Anastasia Ermilova


Назаренко Мария Александровна

Brand manager