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Job offer

Job offer –  the intention of the employer to conclude an employment contract with an employee in the future, expressed in writing or orally, indicating the conditions of employment. Job offer has no legal force in Russia, which means that the employer can withdraw the offer before signing the employment contract.

Despite the fact that a job offer is the final stage of negotiations for a position, it is also important to take into account some details.

  • Step  1:  Check if all the necessary points are included in the offer

    • Name of the vacancy and the position
    • Job responsibilities
    • Whom you will report to at the position
    • Work schedule
    • Duration of a probation period
    • Salary, bonuses, social package
    • Date of entry (if it has already been determined)
  • Step  2:  Check if you have all the information you need

    If you understand that you do not have enough information to make a decision or you have additional questions, then there are several options for obtaining it.

    • You can make your own research on this topic in open sources. For example, if you want to find out the number of employees or look at the company's recent financial statements.
    • If you need information that is not publicly available, for example, whether complementary health insurance applies to your family members or where the position you are applying for is located in the company structure, then feel free to contact the company recruiter.
    • If you want to know more about corporate culture then you can use LinkedIn. There you will find current employees of this company to find out their opinion on this matter.
  • Step  3:  Make sure you are satisfied with all terms of employment prescribed in the offer

    Despite the fact that the employer expresses his final intentions in the offer, sometimes he may be ready to change certain clauses of the agreement. Therefore, it is definitely worth discussing what does not suit you.

    • The offer may contain conditions that do not quite suit you or you did not discuss them at all during the interviews. Rate how important these aspects are to you. If you understand that this condition is critical for you and you are not ready to compromise, then it is worth discussing this with the hiring manager and offer your own options for solving the situation.
    • It is better to discuss the compensation package during the interview session, so as not to return to this issue after receiving the offer. If the salary indicated in the proposal suits you, then it is better to stop at this and not resume the conversation on this topic with the employer.
  • Step  4:  Discuss the desired changes with the recruiter

    • It is important to correctly substantiate your reasons if you are looking forward to change the terms of the offer. This way you can reach an understanding with the employer and he will change the terms of the offer in your favor.
    • If you compromise in any part of the agreement, then specify in what perspective these conditions can be changed and what actions you must take to do this.
  • Step  5:  Make a decision and communicate it

    Do not be afraid to take time to think, even if you are willing to accept the offer. It is okay to analyze important decisions rather than make choices recklessly. However, it is also not worth delaying the decision, so as not to lose contact with the employer. Three to four days is usually more than enough to weigh the pros and cons.


    Accepting the offer.

    • Discuss an entry date. According to the law, it takes a working candidate 2 weeks to leave the company. Therefore, as a rule, the hiring part is prepared for the fact that the candidate will take time to complete current affairs..
    • Discuss further actions - the first working day, its start time, dress code. Prepare documents.

    Refusing the offer.

    • It is okay to refuse, so do not worry about letting someone down. A recruiter always has 1-2 candidates in stock if one of them decides to refuse.
    • Be polite. It is in your best interest to stay on good terms with your employer. Therefore, thank you for your offer, explain your choice with objective reasons and offer to stay in touch.